Light Beige Marble, Dark Beige Marble, Crystallized Kemalpasa White, Bursa Emparador, Bursa Olive Maron

Gundogdu Marble

Gundogdu Marble Bursa in 1993, Mustafakemalpasa was founded in. Annual capacity is 150,000 m² in size, is 180,000 square meters for a total of 30,000 square plate.

We offer Bursa Light Beige marble blocks, which we have taken from our own house, to domestic and foreign markets by processing at our own facilities. Gundogdu Marble processing domestic and foreign markets a variety of products, realistic pricing policy, and due to its large client portfolio of Bursa marble hand made to meet the demand for more than 10% To increase its presence in international markets, and with each passing day.